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| Wednesday, Mar 28 2018

Computing Tech Marketing & Innovation Forum

The content landscape is ever-shifting: Find out what buyers want at the Computing Tech Marketing & Innovation Forum There may not be flamingos this year, so apologies in advance. But wherever we decide to hold 2018’s Computing Tech Marketing & Innovation Forum (venues are still hotly contested), you can be sure we’ll be providing a […]

| Thursday, Feb 15 2018

Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM – but you could get a seat on the board for buying SMB 

Words by Peter Gothard, Technology Content Analyst, Incisive Works You’ll doubtless be familiar with industry buzzwords such as “agile”, “open source” and the cliché of everything being “the Uber of (insert function or industry here)”.  But there’s denying that the heroic story of the little taxi app that could (and then somewhat couldn’t, as it […]

| Wednesday, Feb 14 2018

Announcing the launch of CRN Essential

CRN is today launching CRN Essential, a new market intelligence service for busy channel executives. Vendor, distributor and reseller executives are notoriously time poor, and sifting through the mountain of information out there to get to what is ‘essential’ to your business can be a thankless task. This is where CRN Essential comes in. Why […]

| Wednesday, Feb 07 2018

Computing launch Cloud & Infrastructure Summit in Manchester

Due to popular demand, the Computing Cloud & Infrastructure Summit will be coming to Manchester on Wednesday 18 April 2018. The future of the cloud is unquestionably bright. You’d be hard pressed to find any organisation that isn’t at least slightly invested in the vast opportunities that the cloud represents: a future that is faster, […]

| Wednesday, Feb 07 2018

Computing launches IT Leaders 100 rankings for 2018

The latest rankings of the top IT Leaders in the UK is here Computing’s latest IT Leaders 100 rankings for 2018 has now been launched. The list includes a variety of roles, in recognition of the fact that not all technology leaders hold the ‘CIO’ title. In addition to CTOs and IT directors, IT leaders […]

| Monday, Jan 22 2018

Rising to the challenge: Recruiting a diverse range of senior, highly sepcialised speakers in the IT sector.

In August 2017, Recruitment International revealed the statistic that only 17 per cent pf the UK technology sector’s employees are women. At the same time, it was revealed that the number of girls taking ICT or computer science at GCSE level fell by 12 per cent in 2016. The news didn’t actually spur us into […]

| Tuesday, Jan 02 2018

GDPR – still hitting the headlines and still selling content

  Words by Peter Gothard, Technology Content Analyst, Incisive Media There’s a bit of a tendency with technology vendors to roadmap a trend, put a deadline on it and then move on to the next hot topic. I’m not sure if any specific kind of ongoing or agile approach is applied in some tech marketing departments […]

| Tuesday, Jan 02 2018

Computing Enterprise Security Review 2017

Computing Enterprise Security Review ’17 The old rules no longer apply Key highlights from the research include: • Ransomware has come of age. • Understanding layered security. • The board is now on board  – but they want a silver bullet. • Fileless attacks and the IoT top the list of newer vectors causing concern. […]