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Industry Blog

| Tuesday, Jan 02 2018

GDPR – still hitting the headlines and still selling content

  Words by Peter Gothard, Technology Content Analyst, Incisive Media There’s a bit of a tendency with technology vendors to roadmap a trend, put a deadline on it and then move on to the next hot topic. I’m not sure if any specific kind of ongoing or agile approach is applied in some tech marketing departments […]

| Tuesday, Jan 02 2018

Computing Enterprise Security Review 2017

Computing Enterprise Security Review ’17 The old rules no longer apply Key highlights from the research include: • Ransomware has come of age. • Understanding layered security. • The board is now on board  – but they want a silver bullet. • Fileless attacks and the IoT top the list of newer vectors causing concern. […]

| Monday, Jan 01 2018

B2B Tech Marketing: Are tech marketers delivering what decision makers really want?

About this report What sort of marketing does an IT decision-maker respond to in 2017? It’s a question many in the industry think they can answer, but opinions – from basic style of approach, to debating the overall usefulness of the science of lead-generation and other measurement-based KPIs – differ hugely. We have surveyed 181 […]

| Monday, Sep 25 2017

What do CIOs look for in a technology partner?

Three CIOs discuss the traits they want to see if they’re going to engage with a partner in a major technology deal A panel of CIOs has explained what they are looking for when choosing new technology partners. Speaking at the European Channel Leadership Forum, from Computing’s sister title Channel Reseller News, the CIOs explained […]

| Wednesday, Jun 28 2017

UK IT Industry Awards 2017: Incredible Entry and Sponsorship Opportunities Available

London, 27 June 2017 Entries are open for the biggest awards in the UK computing calendar – the UK IT Industry Awards 2017 – presenting critical opportunities to all organisations. Termed the Oscars of the IT world, the UK IT Industry Awards constitute the premier prizes in the UK’s computing industry and recognise the contribution […]

| Monday, Feb 20 2017

Computing announces the 2017 IT Leaders 100

Get to know the IT leaders Throughout the year Computing run a number of relaxed, informal evenings at some of London’s most exclusive restaurants. These evenings offer an opportunity for sponsors to get to know the top IT decision makers at some of the world’s largest firms, whilst helping shape the conversation. Computing also offer the […]

| Monday, Jun 27 2016

Native Advertising: An Essential Guide For Marketers

Native advertising is one of the fastest growing forms of advertising and projected globally to be a £6 billion market by the end of the 2016. But what really is native advertising? Does it really work? And how should b2b marketers be embracing it as part of their marketing strategy? This paper answers those questions and […]

| Monday, Jun 13 2016

Taking Control of Digital Advertising Performance: Solving the issues of viewability, traffic fraud & ad blockers

The digital advertising landscape can be complex at the best of times. Over the last couple of years things have become more complicated with the exponential growth in mobile usage, heightened risk from ‘bot’ traffic, the introduction of ad blockers, growth of programmatic buying and increasing focus on the viewability of advertising. This whitepaper sets […]