Computing announces the 2017 IT Leaders 100


Get to know the IT leaders

Throughout the year Computing run a number of relaxed, informal evenings at some of London’s most exclusive restaurants. These evenings offer an opportunity for sponsors to get to know the top IT decision makers at some of the world’s largest firms, whilst helping shape the conversation.

Computing also offer the opportunity for a sponsor to exclusively co-host an IT Leaders’ Forum, a half day conference with +40 senior IT decision makers on a subject matter that is tailored to the sponsor.

If you are interested in sponsoring an IT Leader’s Club or Forum, please get in touch at [email protected]

The definitive list of the top 100 IT Leaders in the UK for 2017

Computing exists to inform, educate and sometimes even entertain today’s IT Leader, whether that’s the CIO, CTO, IT director, chief architect or any one of dozens of other titles. We speak to hundreds of IT Leaders each year, and have used that expertise, coupled with our deep understanding of the issues affecting technology strategists, to build this list.

To view the IT Leaders 100 rankings for 2017, click here.

To produce the rankings, Computing took into account factors like size of organisation, size of department, annual budget, duration in role and level of transformation achieved. Then, in consultation with a panel of industry experts, we undertook the incredibly arduous task of producing the final list – a job which became ever trickier the closer to the top we got.

As 2017 unfolds we will be adding new written interviews with those ranked on this list, and a series of videos, where we speak with some of the UK’s leading IT leaders.