New site redesigns for Computing, v3 and the INQUIRER


Incisive Media has completed the digital rebuild of its enterprise IT portfolio with the launches of new sites for its Computing, v3 and The INQUIRER brands.

The new sites are faster, cleaner and render responsively on any screen size, crucial in a sector with a mobile audience of more than 40% of users.

The sites have been rebuilt following major audience research. The content is presented in a tile format with a bold and image heavy design. The platforms were rebuilt with a better advert experience in mind; adverts now stick with the content for improved ad viewability and user experience.

The new websites also serve related content and sponsored whitepapers where they are contextually relevant, designed to improve the quality of our native content experience.

At the same time, the editorial strategy of the portfolio has been updated, with new topics including Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT, Open Source and the use of technology to modernise business processes. This approach further positions Incisive’s tech brands as leading opinion formers in the enterprise IT sector.

Tom Wright, publisher of the enterprise IT portfolio says: “The new sites are a huge jump forward in design and usability and w’ve had some great feedback from our users to support this.”

“We’ve seen an immediate uplift in the ‘stickiness’ of the websites, with the number of pages consumed per user increasing by over 30%, thereby giving us three clear benefits, a steep rise in page impressions, a marked improvement in readers registering for Computing events, and an increase in vendor white paper downloads; the new sites are a success both in terms of user satisfaction and for Incisive commercially”.

The new sites have been redeveloped by Incisive Media’s in-house digital team, with significant input from editorial, sales and product teams.

Click the links to read more about the new improvements to Computingv3 and the INQUIRER.