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Industry Insight

| Tuesday, Nov 20 2018

Collateral Damage: The True Cost of Poor Content Marketing

Collateral Damage: The True Cost of Poor Content Marketing Bad marketing content is causing tech vendors to waste millions of pounds of marketing budget. Three quarters of the money spent on syndicating content, generating leads, buying supporting digital advertising – and the sales time invested in subsequent follow up is wasted when content is poor. […]

| Monday, Aug 13 2018

Computing announces new working relationship with Google

Computing and Google are working together on a series of events highlighting the options available to organisations in the cloud, and around the endpoint Computing is working with Google for events throughout the year based around Chrome Enterprise, the first of which – at the Shard in London in June – was a great success. Chrome Enterprise […]

| Monday, Jun 25 2018

Is bitesize the right size? Long vs short form content in the age of on-demand viewing

I was thinking recently about the accepted wisdom that modern readers have a limited attention span. Readers, we are told, like ‘bite-size’ content, and furthermore, web content consumption analytics prove this as fact. The narrative is that we’re all so constantly busy, so hooked on social media, and so addicted to our smartphones and immediate […]

| Friday, Jun 22 2018

Driving pipeline and revenue at the ‘Computing Marketing Team of the Year’

Atos is a giant in the field of digital transformation. Operating in 73 countries, with 100,000 employees –and approximately 10,000 in the UK alone – and a turnover of around €12bn, the company is one of the biggest players on the world stage and a European leader in Big Data, Cybersecurity and High Performance Computing. […]

| Wednesday, Mar 28 2018

Computing Tech Marketing & Innovation Forum

The content landscape is ever-shifting: Find out what buyers want at the Computing Tech Marketing & Innovation Forum There may not be flamingos this year, so apologies in advance. But wherever we decide to hold 2018’s Computing Tech Marketing & Innovation Forum (venues are still hotly contested), you can be sure we’ll be providing a […]

| Thursday, Feb 15 2018

Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM – but you could get a seat on the board for buying SMB 

Words by Peter Gothard, Technology Content Analyst, Incisive Works You’ll doubtless be familiar with industry buzzwords such as “agile”, “open source” and the cliché of everything being “the Uber of (insert function or industry here)”.  But there’s denying that the heroic story of the little taxi app that could (and then somewhat couldn’t, as it […]

| Wednesday, Feb 14 2018

Announcing the launch of CRN Essential

CRN is today launching CRN Essential, a new market intelligence service for busy channel executives. Vendor, distributor and reseller executives are notoriously time poor, and sifting through the mountain of information out there to get to what is ‘essential’ to your business can be a thankless task. This is where CRN Essential comes in. Why […]

| Wednesday, Feb 07 2018

Computing launch Cloud & Infrastructure Summit in Manchester

Due to popular demand, the Computing Cloud & Infrastructure Summit will be coming to Manchester on Wednesday 18 April 2018. The future of the cloud is unquestionably bright. You’d be hard pressed to find any organisation that isn’t at least slightly invested in the vast opportunities that the cloud represents: a future that is faster, […]