Computing Internet of Things Review 2016


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Key highlights from the research include:

• The domestic/leisure, utilities and transport industries are leading the way with IoT initiatives.

• The approach favoured by organisations preparing for IoT is to start with limited deployments, often utilising existing infrastructure, working with small, specialist partners.

• For those for whom IoT is already a reality, data is being used primarily for tracking purposes or for real-time reaction to events – long term analysis of the data had yet to be planned in any depth.

• The more tangible reasons holding back IoT are concerns about data security, the lack of a legal framework enforcing the protection of data and personal privacy and the lack of any dominant communications protocols and standards.

• A less tangible but nonetheless important factor acting at both a micro and macro level is a lack of clarity what an IoT initiative can be expected to deliver. A universal vision of how every individual as well as the enterprise can benefit from IoT is required before the IoT becomes a reality.

• As a priority for organisations, IoT presently ranks below more immediate concerns such as data governance, security, enterprise mobility and the cloud.

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