Computing Tech Marketing & Innovation Forum

The content landscape is ever-shifting: Find out what buyers want at the Computing Tech Marketing & Innovation Forum

There may not be flamingos this year, so apologies in advance.
But wherever we decide to hold 2018’s Computing Tech Marketing & Innovation Forum (venues are still hotly contested), you can be sure we’ll be providing a blazing follow-up to last year’s day of insight, research, trend analysis and leading edge forecasting of where technology marketing is headed over the next year.

I’m already hard at work on the research for the day, and already for 2018 I’m seeing a continued acceleration in the buying cycle, not to mention a steady dispersal of the kinds of roles and seniority that take a key part in decision-making.

As a journalist before, and now as a marketer, I can happily ramble on for hours about the ‘democratisation’ of IT. Don’t ever sit next to me on the train.

But the wider accessibility of IT, and resulting deeper understanding of what it can do for you and your business, is visible in no better way than the fact you are living on your smartphone, and probably reading this blog on it too.

As a result, we are now firmly living in a world where sales, marketing, HR and any number of IT professionals from CRM managers to telemarketers have the insight, opinions and specialist role knowledge to provide real clout in a purchasing consultation process.

And as I wrote about recently after hearing from Jos Creese at a recent Computing IT Leaders event, this increasing level of access and insight from relevant areas of the business is also resulting in a sea change in attitudes towards choosing ‘brand names’ versus aggressive new companies offering agile, cloud-based options. Uber itself may not last forever, but the ‘Uberisation’ of IT isn’t going anywhere soon.

Where do all this leave us? Well, with a heck of a lot of work to do in shaping – and, indeed, reshaping – the way we market to decision makers. Because now, lots of people could be making are the decisions.
That’s an issue that’s not just affecting the type of content we envision, plan and execute, but also the targets of that content and even the way in which we reach those targets.

While it’s still not necessarily a great idea to judge marketing purely on a sliding scale of ROI, there’s no denying that lead generation is a hallmark of success. But with roles in IT becoming more granular and beginning to exist slightly outside IT (Chief Digital Officer, anyone?), having the processes, expertise and technology in place to aid that process has never been more important.

As for execution, how can we do away with simple whitepapers and integrate video, podcasts, moving infographics and much of the aforementioned lead generation technology into new, expressive and thought-leading content that ticks all relevant boxes?

These are just some of the items rolling round my head today, and I do hope you’ll join us on 15 June 2018 to explore them all in more detail.
Written by Peter Gothard, Technology Content Strategist. If you’d like to discuss any of the above with me, or Incisive Works and content creation possibilities with us, I’m always happy to chat. You can email me at [email protected], or I’m on the phone at +44 (0)207 484 9956. Also, speak to me on Twitter @petergothard